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General Hydroponics any1 tryed?

Guest elefunk_delivers

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Guest elefunk_delivers

hey ppls i was wondering if any1 hase tryed the general hyrdoponics brand range of nutes...?


or can advise me of a new product that give great results..?

currently using


Canna Vege/Flora

Pk 13-14





im looking for a change

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Try genreal hydroponics, its a three part nutrient, but you will have to know how much of each part to put in, and it changes every week of flowering.


Because you can change the ratio of each part on each week, you can have alot better time and yeild ratio, then you can achieve with canna two part, but for ease of use you carnt beat canna

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Guest Wilderbud
I think this is the nutrients that I was happy with on my first grow but I havent verified it yet - I know Ive used them but I dont know if it was the range I was happy with. 2 part grow and 1 part bloom is what I used so if that sounds like GH its probably 'the shit' IMO.
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I wouldnt go bother with it its expensive.... Ive been pretty happy with DM so far jsut got some advance for flowering was half the price of general hydro... they are made in Aus and ment to be more suited to the aussie temperature and shit :rolleyes:


My hydro shop had a good deal on every DM product dm advance flo/bloom + foiltech + silica + potash + superbud and i think one other for 300$... Save 100$ wouldnt of minded it lol

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General hydroponics Fora is one of the best feeds you can use , i have grown some pristine plants on it that had not a single blemish anyware and were like velvet green texture , beautiful plants !


3 part food is not any trouble at all ( man you guys are lazy) and I have found better results because of the 3 parts which allows you to manipulate the feed for the 3 stages , seedling or start , grow and flower , its easy to to get it right , its written on the label and it works great just following these simple guides .


The ingredients used to make this feed are very high quality and it has been around for a long time and like it says was developed by nasa .


Its not expensive because its stronger than other nutes and so it goes further .


Bottom line is its a great feed and you cannot go wrong using it , anybody that says this is a crappy feed dont know what they are talking about .



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I use a local brand of veg nutes, that stuff seems to last forever,

I used dutch master for flower last time but went to dutch fest this time mainly because its one of the few that comes in a clear bottle not a light proof one like the rest. theory being it must be a higher qualtiy chemical to be happy in the clear bottle.I've found it goes further than the DM.

also using DM superbud this time. looking excelent so far

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