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big plants

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Guest weekprik

I have not tried but i have read that-



once they start to show flowers you should NOT trim


do u have enough room for them to be twice their size??


if yes just cut some of the small insigficant branches off, and cut approx 1/5 of the leaves in half,


if NO- you got a problem, my brain fart is that i would cut the plant square like a hedge and let you do its thing, I have read that when you do this its preferable to cut some of the roots off,


ANY fucking with the plant will cause stress though, so if you may not have too then leave it alone, all its parts that are alive are carrying out chem reactions and will lower your final product in smoke and yeild.



BUT THIS IS ONLY WHAT I HAVE READ, and I reakon it sounds right.

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Guest Field_of_Light

My two cents...if you dont want em to grow anymore add superbud....automatically stop height growth...and stretching


You can cut them back at anytime...it might shock em for a couple of days but thems the breaks...


You could also try tipping them into the 3rd week to stop elongation and promote fattening of the bud sites....

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