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Computer controlled hydroponics...

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Hi all, I've heard about large hydroponic setups using pc's with special cards or printer port attachments which control the greenhouse/growroom systems like irrigation, lights, ph, ventilation, co2, temperature and so on. It would be much easier than using a separate timer for each item, and the pc would be able to monitor the grow in a much more accurate and direct way...


So are there such cards out there for the small scale, home growers? I'm interested in using my pc, or another, separate, and probably older pc to control the grow, but I'm not sure how to go about it, or if it's even possible. Anyone here using this or even know about it? lol

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Guest Field_of_Light

When I was studying Aquaculture at University there were specific automated systems that could run an entire operation for the most part when dealing with water regualtion and flow etc....minus the water quality checks etc....


But we as budding students came up with a computer system for about 200$ which would do the same....we just borrowed the program....the most expensive part of it......


why buy when you can borrow? lol

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