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first time grower

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G'day all,


Im new to all this and i have been ready on the site for a few weeks and I intend on growing. I was looking at pipeman's bubble buckets method and that seemed interesting, though Im not sure if that is the one a new grower good want. Also I just wanted to know what does "pistils " mean?

How are you going with growing pipeman. do u reccommend your method for a newbie?




Billy lol

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hey billyy, my grow is going OK. pistils are the flowers of a female plant. see all those white, brown or red hairs in the pics, thems pistils


you really just gotta decide what method suits you. all hydroponic systems are simple when you get down to it. I think the easiest way to grow is to use large pots with potting mix with a PH or around 6.5 and osmocote, hand water every 2-3 days and thats it. no nutes from start to finish and all you gotta do is make sure your light and ventilation is OK.


The most basic hydroponic system is simply pots filled with 50/50 perlite/vermiculite hand watered once a day with hydro nutes mixed to instructions.


I would recommend bubblers for newbies, bit more involved but still a cheap and easy setup.


good luck with wichever way you decide to go.

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Guest weekprik

I found the easiest way for me, was flood and drain with 2 stacker units, and hydroton, that was you just set it all up and monitor it, you cant overwater and cause problems like in pots,



My system isnt perfect but im happy and it yeilds well, also most hydro shops sell flood and drain systems, and they fit in to a small area like a closet.

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