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Smelly plants

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hello all.

I am 8 weeks into my current grow and my plants are doing fantastically well, this grow has made me appreciate CO2. As I'm growing in my laundry, there is a gas water heater and the results have been amazing, however my plants have an extremely strong odour about them and I fear it will only get worse when it comes time for them to flower. I have invested in an ioniser and this has had limited success, just curious as to techniques people use to stop the neighbours from enquiring about that fruity smell that comes from the room that glows.

all suggestions would/will be much appreciated.



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first of all if your room glows you need to fix that. If not for fear of getting busted then do it for fear of getting ripped.


for smell I don't know but I have seen an "Odour Zap" product in a hydro shop, which I assume is some sort of air clenser. You could also try a filter with pot puree in your extraction ducting. By all reports carbon filters are the best though. If you own your house I would just vent straigh up into the roof space. By the time it leaks out here and there no one is likely to notice any smell.


My first crop smelled like mint so I never did anything about it. Nothing sus about a mint smell IMO.

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I've tried those odor blocks, but I reckon all they do is make another funny smell that people wil ask about.

You can get little ozonators for about 250 bucks but they need a decent length of ducting after the ozonator for the air and ozone to mix. I' ve tried to avoid it, but the last grow I put in a new skunk a strain and ohmygod...

the carbon air scrubbers are good, but take up a bit of space, as they have to be big to minimize back pressure on the fan.

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Thanks for the suggestions, i will have to investigate my options further. As I said the smell is good but Ithink I prefer the idea of less paranoia. in the laundry there is a chimney type thing that runs up out of the roof I might try ducting the air to that and using some kind of carbon filter to minimise the smell. lets hope it works.

I would just like to add that it is these sort of things tht in a sense make hydroponics so enjoyable for not only is it an interesting hobby the results are so rewarding.


Cheers holyreality

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