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DWC Questions.

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I was building an Airo system but have decided to try DWC.

I have 2 x 50 litre tubs i am wanting to use, I have 4 holes cut with netpots in the lid of 1, I'll keep the second for my control tub.

At the moment i have 2 airpumps, Both are the small single outlet type, Dont know size, 1 has pi-3000 written on it. I only have 1 small airstone till i get to the pet shop.

I just need to know if i can do 4 plants per tub and get away with using these pumps, Using T connectors and 2 stones per tub/pump, Or should i go a bigger pump and more stones. I'll probably get a third tub for a resi soon also.

Any other advice much appreciated, Thanks heaps,


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your control tub only needs to be small, yo're not achieving anything by making it 50litres. I would suggest keeping that 2nd 50litre tub as your res and buying a small tup for your control bucket. Like a 20L pale or something like that.


I would suggest two netpots in a 50 litre bucket would be closer to the mark than 4. buy however many pots you had you should use an airstone under each one. As for size of air pump, work on a minimum of 1500c/c per pot I reckon, but this is just gut feeling, I don't really know. the more bubbles the better.


You can buy gang valves from the pet store to split you lines. Don't forget to put an airstone in your control tub as well.

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Heh paranoid :rolleyes: ,

maybe have a look at my reply to pipeman's post in the hydro forum - 'Which pumps for DWC?' Might give you an idea of a good alternative to using air pumps/airstones in DWC. As for having a control reservoir i'm not sure why - if you need to top up your res. i just have a 25l white food type bucket on hand full. of clean water and adjust nutes when necessary. You'll find DWC uses less nutrients than other systems and IMO requires less res. changeovers. I run a 60L tub/res. with 4 netpods ie 4 plants at any one time. These are for my mums - if they get too big or crowded, when taking cuttings, after they have rooted, choose the best clone to go back into DWC replacing its Mum. I reckon a 50L res. with 4 pots for mums is great, works for me - don't know about growing a full cycle, might get pretty busy, 2 probably better.


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