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what water

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Guest Urbanhog

For those living in Brisbane, living in Brisbane City Council zone, get a rainwater tank (if the house you are living is owned by you not renting) you can claim up to $300 rebate for having rainwater tanks installed on you property, as the BCC is trying to cut down the water usage and can save you in council rates. I thought this was a fanastic idea.


If using Tapwater... I would leave it in bucket for the day or overnight to evoprate some shit in it, and check the PH of course, as some areas especially with old water pipes can have some high levels of metals traces, and the PH could be pretty high.


Urbanhog :D

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Guest weekprik

my tap water in Beenleigh, is about 250ppm, I dont let it sit and shit, Just use it straight outta the tap, why let it sit,


other thing I read was to use tap water for clones as the chlorine helps it root, IM NOT sure how true it is.

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in large towns and cities rain water tanks end up full of crap fron cars, factories,dust etc etc. you cant do a lot about it apart from making a diverter which empties the first few litres of rain on the ground, then the rest of the rain water fills your tank without all the dirt and crap that settles on your roof. i think most places that manufacture rain tanks sell them. but they are easy to make
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If using rainwater I would strongly recommend filtering it through a cloth of some kind as it probably will contain pests/eggs.I made the mistake of collecting rainwater in a bucket (which happened to be yellow) and I didn`t fliter it before putting it on my plants.I have since read that Aphids are attracted to yellow - D`oh!

The Ph of the rainwater was 6.The Ph of my tapwater is 7.

from now on I`m sticking with Ph adjusted tapwater, which I let sit for at least 24 hours.

Hopefully this may stop someone else from making such an obvious stupid mistake.

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yeah a whole lot of bugs and nasties are attracted to yellow. a lot of organic farmers leave buckets of water amongst their crops then they put a piece of yellow plastic in the bucket, the bugs and nasties come along try and land on the bit of yellow stuff and drown. (great for getting rid of grass-hoppers)
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