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Quick Drying

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don't know the answer to your question, oven or microwave would be my guess. Only thing is only dry the small amount you want to sample and dry/cure the rest properly.


Another quick drying method I've seen someone post is to put some moisture absorbing crystals in a container with your MJ on a screen above. never tried it though.


thats one thing about vapourisers as well, you don't need to dry your weed before sampling. :D

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I tried this the other night for a little sample but you have to be careful not to have the heat to high otherwise it will evapourate the resin (how a vap works). I have heard that putting it in the microwave for 20 sec bursts has worked for some people but I haven't tried it myself. BTW, I tried it in the oven and it was shit :D
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try the ballast, leave the buds on it on over night..

or if you got a heat matt for cloning it is ok..takes a day

a 600 watt blow heater is ok as well..takes a few days though

if it gets crispy in either method you got to put it in a bag and let the stem reydrate the rest of the bud, then repeat

you should really harvest a bit, a week before harvest time so you can smoke when you pull your plant(s) out

Ive heard of the (mythical) dry ice method but dont really know how to do it







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