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Never fear the Spidermite?

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Seems theirs quite a few ppl having problems with them bloody mites, thought this might interest you.

Professional 3 Way: We took one of our nicest F1 hybrids containing DJShort and Sensi Seed Bank Genetics and crossed it with a beautiful Northern Lights #5 Male. The result is a very short, bushy compact plant with avery high flower to leaf ration. Almost 100% Indica. Excellent Resin Production and strong aroma make this an Indica lover's favorite. Very overpowering Indica Stone. This one will knock you down for more than a few hours. Spider Mite resistant. You will want to select a mother for cloning. Height: 3-4 feet Flowering period: 45- 50 days Yield : up to 125g Harvest under natural light first week of October

Is their any similar strains that are "Spider Mite Resistant". :)

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Mighty Mite.....


and as for it being "bollocks", I haven't personally grown any spidermite resistant strains, but it is totally possible. They have many vegetable crops immune to all kinds of dieseases.


Its not that hard to do, basically grow many test individuals, set spider-mites loose on the crop, see which individuals survive and backcross them.


I'd say it would have something to do with the aromatic terpenes of the plant. Making a plant that Spider mites don't like to smell. Or it may be higher amounts of certain chemicals in the vegetable matter that could be poisonous to spidermites.


Inbreeding is not a viable option for legal commercial crops so usually a landrace variety that is naturally resistant to certain pest attacks is crossed into the strain that needs the pest immunity and the strain is attacked with whatever pest it is meant to become immune to and individuals are chosen from there.

It is not an option because of the genetic diversity that will be lost which could lead to unknown dieseases killing entire countrys harvests in future crops.


It happened once with corn that was immune to leaf blight or something. USA almost lost all its corn and new varietys had to be introduced.

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