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Winter crop

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I have always been of the opinion that Ganja grew in the summer and flowered in the winter , therefore making impossible to start a crop in winter time.

However I hve met a couple of growers who grow in both winter and summer.

These guys asked me if I wanted to put some seeds in and I accepted.

My question to you guys is how exactly does a winter crop work?

Surely the plant will flower in the winter?

Do I need a special winter seed?

What size heads will I get?


Please disscuss.......

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MJ flowers when the photo period is around 12 hours of darkness so you are thinking along the right lines. The only way I can see those growers doing it is if they grow indoors in winter and outdoors in summer unless they veg for a short period of time indoor during winter and then put the plants outside to flower under natural light.




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yeah, its piss easy just plant some good seeds in april to may. you'll get much smaller plants as they only grow for about 4mths but good solid buds if you plant them right none the less. Just put em in full sun up high on a hill. Its not really viable as a cash crop unless you plant out hundreds, but the choppers aren't out in winter.


These plants can sometimes be revegged if you harvest them after late to mid july and then you can take clones off your best winter plant to use for your main summer crop.

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Ok, I stand corrected.


How does the plant grow properly if the light period is only 12 hours? I thought it may have been ok if using clones as they'd flower straight away like a SOG, but if using seedlings wouldn't they have to have some good veg time before the light schedual changed?




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One year tied the tips down, planted a plant in May, when it was about 8 inches high bent it over. By the time it grew back up and went into head (mid June), there were other branches that were growing up all around it. Did the same to them.


As the buds matured snipped them off. Once the plant got established and the worst of the winter light/cold was gone (ie to mid July) the plant took off, and again in early sept there was a massive growth spurt. Picked about 4 ounces off it at the end of oct. And maybe another 1 or even 1.5 beforehand, with the little snipped off buds mentioned beforehand.


It was just beginning to stretch when picked (checked it twice a day for a week beforehand looking for the stretch of the buds going back to veg.) Left about 6 thunbnail sized buds on the plant and it grew thru, harvested it in may on or about its birthday. It had about a pound and a half on it then.


Someone (WC I think) mentioned that the harder you cut a plant back the quicker it regrows. That was definitely the case with this one. It boomed and spent its whole life trying to catch up to where it was before picked the oct buds off it. Probably because it had a huge root system supplying something that should have had more plant material above ground. Kept feeding it like hadn't cut it back.


It was an old strain from a valley near Nimbin, had maui wowie and a lot of other stuff in it. Winter plants are the way to go tho. they grow back huge and you get buds for christmas.


One other bonus is that the plants sex early. you know whether they are chics or guys worth breeding with in August. Makes things easier for the outdoor grower.

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G'day, tokealot is the name. I got some info for all regarding winter-growing. I am in NE Australia, the suits are savage all year round here. After planting seeds back in early March, they have now hit about 12". 6 seeds went in, one has come out already (male). They do grow well in winter. They seem to concentrate their 'potency' in winter instead of the amount. (Winter crops are very strong if done properly)

I am using the Indica and Sativa varieties with some success for private use. I am not looking for quantity, quality for me. (Crook back). Winter does not yield high!

A bit of advice to winter pot-growers though (Plant-pots). Get your hands on a packet of Aquasol manufactured by Hortico and Phostrogen by Phostrogen Australia is the other. I have kept a tab on what I use to see what the plants can fruitfully use. Both of these are high concentrate. (I have burnt about 20 to death. This stuff is deadly. Pay attention!) and are water soluble. once a week for Phostrogen and once per fortnight for Aquasol. Any others just let me know or feedback is always appreciated. (No abuse by request please :P ) I would write more but I would outlive my welcome I am sure. :) Happy growing and Mull-up! :)

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