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DEA's views on Medicinal MJ

Guest Urbanhog


Guest Urbanhog

Have a look at the useless DEA's "facts on medical MJ" :)


DEA - "Medical" Marijuana - The Facts




Exposing the Myth of Smoked Medical Marijuana


I am not surprised they didnt even bother to mention that other way for medical MJ users is consuming them orally.... it's fair a lot more healthier if you grew your own or know the grower and consume orally.


It pisses me off at of anti-medical MJ groups are too foucsed on smoking the herb.... they are just using that as a excuse.... and maybe it's time for pro marijuana groups to start talking about other options like consuming marijuana orally and ask the anti-groups if there's any medical risks when consuming space cakes or whatever made from organic grown weed :)


People say "Spread the weed".... I rather say "Spread the Space Cookies" ::D:



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Yeah, the DEA's so full of crap they have brown ear wax. I posted a link to the DEA on a US med site once, that was a flamingo up, half the members threatened to quit because the believed the link had compromised site security and the DEA would be able to find and arrest them though it, they get a bit paranoid over there, probably because the penalties are so harsh.



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:) HAHAHAAAHAA the DEA's A BUNCH OF GOOFS! they are the least educated people if it comes to medical use of cannabis but they act like they "own" the truth... pathetic pittyfull little creatures,..hahahhaaaa.


these "statements"of them are getting them into a lot of problems at the moment, as they are NOT funded by any real logic and doctors in the States are slowly getting to a point were the get "fed up" with the stupidity of the DEA. The first signes are there allready, some doctors protest about those "statements" in the U.S. and there are even some states, like California, who sue them now! haha. F*CK DEA! (dumbarses)

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