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lower leaves

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At 7 weeks old I'd repot them mate, you'll strugle to adjust it even with low PH water. IMO you should rinse the roots carefully with ph adjusted water one you get them out of the current pots to remove as much of the shitty soil as you can.


Try and find a soil that is the correct PH. I know you can't just open a sack of dirt in a shop and start testing it but I found that something for camilias or azalias has worked, they are acid loving plants and the soil in that type of mix is around 6. Make sure you get something that isn't to coarse as a lot of the mixes for those types of plants have large bits of bark and stuff in them which isn't to good for seedlings. Oh, and don't forget to mix in some vermiculite/perlite lol




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some soils tell you their PH. Or you can just ask at a Nursery. Searles Premium Potting mix has a PH of 6.5 which is ideal. But I wouldn't repot just yet, my plants picked up just fine after I started watering with PH adjusted water. If they don't pick up then consider repotting.


and yeah, if you're using that Verrom mix then thats your trouble. I made the same mistake.

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I have been using verrom for 2 weeks now as well as 2 different types of soil. IWth PH adjusted water and the plants in Verrom are doing the best.....

Verrom soil mix is alkaline, so is normal tap water, so put those together and you've got trouble. but with PH adjusted water verrom may be OK, keep us up to date on how it goes.

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