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Plant getting too tall

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Hi again guys, my plant is almost 2 weeks in 12/12 cycle and its looking really good to me, but its getting too tall,almost touching the light and i can't raise it any higher.Is it likely to get much taller and what should i do. Cut the top off or what, your expertise would be most welcome again.Thanks people,this site's the go.
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You can tie it down, but not too far or the stems will crease.


Get some string and some size 64 rubber bands (the 1/4" wide ones from a newsagent or stationery store), bend a rubber band in a U shape around the stem about 1/3 the way down and tie a piece of string through the ends of the band. Tie the other end of the string to something like a brick on the floor or a nail in the wall to hold the limb down. The rubber band is gentle on the plant (don't tie it down hard enough to stretch the band) and will still allow movement in the "breeze" from the fan.



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g'day; you have a few options, you can buy some 'Bonza Bud' from hydroshop.it will stop vertical growth almost instantly, great stuff.

you can bend like Tom suggests or you can just snap the mainstem at height you want plant at. it will repair itself within few days.dont snap stem off, just snap it at 90degree to itself.

if it snaps 180degree,it will still most likely recover and finish flowering.

be brutal, it wont kill it lol

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sols :  May 15

be brutal, it wont kill it




I liken them to Scotch Thistles... You walk through a paddock and break the bugger off , or twist 'em about, or kink 'em over.. and what do they do... the stand straight back up in your face about 3 days later... unless of course yove really kinked them godd, then they just grow around the kick, becoming a bushy scotch....


Bloody weeds.... lol


dont be shy HR.. mj is only a weed... mother nature designed her to be hardy....


- Merv

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Guest weekprik

I was told this recently.........

Nutrient strength is as high as you can go without burning the tips or getting leaf turns for best yield. For fastest growth, use half that.

Use more if high airflow, less if high humidity, go stronger if too tall, weaker if too short and so on...

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