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1st grow help

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sup everyone,

i just planted a few seeds the other day in a pot full of garden dirt and ahve been watering it little bits each day. its on my window seal and gets morning and early afternoon sun. im in desperate need of help coz ive got no idea what im doing. any help would be much appreciated. i dont know what strain they are either my friends is a stupid dick and has no idea what he's doing either, so im hoping you guys can help.


i also want to set up some sort of secret grow box or something. i was thinking an old run down server case (bout 20cm wide, 50cm deep and 50cm high) that i ahve in my bedroom, dont think tha housies will notice that lol

anyway, so yeah, if any one has any ideas on setups for that as well. what type of stuff i might need to get that started, it needs to be completly stealth and cant create too much heat. (pretty cheap as well, dont get much time to work with uni and all...)


so yeah, any help would be much ablidged


cheers, Behen :D

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Guest sabator

Im proberly gunna get bagged for this by the rest of the members for this but................................




Why u ask???


U say u have little time??? Well learning how to grow mj is harder then any uni subject i have done (yes i have a degree).


So unless u have some decent time to care for your ladies dont bother.

Owe just one other thing............. U need a decent amount of $$ to back you up in your quest to grow MJ


That is assumeing you grow indoors...............



Thats my 2 cents.




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I didnt ask for your opinion on how i should spend my time, mum :angry: i asked you for help. and if your gonna be a little bitch about it, i will go somewhere else. so if your finnished your little "i hate newby" session can you please help me grow my shit!? or do i have to waste more TIME finding another place to get answers?


cheers [to the rest of you]

Behen lol

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Hi there LaZy ChoOk, welcome to Oz Stoner's, that case seems a bit small when you take the size of the pot and light into account, do you have a cupboard or wardrobe or a space to put one?


Growing is easy, mj almost grows itself, if I could learn to grow it anyone can, I kill most other plants I attempt to grow.



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Sounds like outdoors looks like the go for you little man.... I know I know...sheez growing inside... shit I'll pull maybe half a pound every couple of months huh? yeah... well that's what you can do indoors - if you're a black thumble.. OR you can grow a really trippy rope-like ornamental feature and yeah,,, sure it'll impress your friends but you'll be really disappointed huh?... My advice -> get some soil ph checker from bigW or Kmart and a water ph tester and some ph down... (phosphoric acid i think) check your water and dirt - adjust to 6.5 to 7.0 ... get some fish emulsion... go to a nursury or ask in bigW for rodent repelant spray or powder... find a nice spot in someones garden THAT DOESN'T GET ANY SHADE and leave them until you have some kind of flower formation... then pull the plant and hang in closet for 5 days with some damp-rid or laid out on newspaper then store in brown paper bags for another couple of weeks...


You'll be happy with what you get... believe me.. longer you leave it, the more you'll regret it.. blah!! I reckon your plant should get to about 2-3 feet and you'll harvest maybe 1-3 ounces of bud of each plant... good luck newbie lol

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Welcome Lazy Chook,Your first problem is going to be your 'garden dirt' you cant put that in a pot and expect anything to grow.If outdoors is for you,just one problem ,we are going into winter. If you set up inside you will need money ,time and imformation.Plenty imformation on this site ,you just need to work out what you what to do.

Best of luck Lazy Chook

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hang in there lazychook

essentially mj is as easy as growing any type of vege.indoors takes alot more time,effort and thought.start small to learn the tricks of indoor growing.i have checked out hundreds of sights and this is by far the best.just look trough the topics and replys and all will be revealed.

sames as all plants


nutriant=hydro or soil

light=sun or artificial

never ever give up or you wont learn


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