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Best Stoner Vids

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Okay, I gotta list these vids because every smoker should have them. These are the classics that I have repeatedly watched while either smoking or trimming buds or both :P


1. Raw: Eddy Murphy standup classic that made me choke on my bong the first time. It was during the Gay Mr. T joke.


2. Delirious: The second of the classic Eddy Murphy standup classics. Also choked on my bong while watching this.


3. Cheech and Chong series: Here is the list of all the good Cheech and Chongs:


*Up In Smoke

*Nice Dreams

*Next Movie

*Things are Tough all Over


(They got shit after all these)


4. HalfBaked: This is the funniest stoner film I've seen yet.


5. How High: Unrealistic yet delightful stoner black comedy.


6. Friday: Overrated but damn funny. Smokey is a hoot.


7. Next Friday: Good film but a let down with no Smokey.


8. Enter the Dragon: East meets West Bruce Lee action with lots of laughs inbetween.


9. Big Boss: The first Bruce Lee film. First half of the film Bruce Lee doesn't do shit. Then someone ticks him off and his fists of fury are flying frantically for the next 45 minutes. DAMN FUNNY SHIT!!


10. Any Jackie Chan film: What can I say, get em all. Especially Drunken Master. It has the longest fight scene ever that can only be endured while ripped off your gourds.


11. Hercules Returns: IMO, the funniest film EVER!! And it's australian too.


12. Meet the Feebles: The most disturbing film I've ever seen. Yet funny as hell. A Peter Jackson/Wingnut Films classic.


13. Braindead: Another Peter Jackson classic


14. Trainspotting: I found I could understand the heavy glasgow accents better when stoned :P


15. Fight Club: The books better, but it's still a great film.


16. Starship Troopers: Nothing like the book, but a good watch when you want to see americans get torn to pieces by nasty alien insects.


17. Dusk Till Dawn: Dubious cult hit. I don't care if it got all silly in the end. Gory vampire action is great. And Cheech Marin is a hoot.


18. Scarface: LONG film. A classic none the less that can be endured while smoking some good shit.


19. Eraserhead: Peter Finchley cult classic. Fucking wigs you out sober or stoned. Don't do acid while watching this though.


20. Clerks: Kevin Smith classic with the first screen appearances of Jay and Silentbob.


21. Mallrats: Only because I can relate to the comic fanboy theme and off course: JAY AND SILENT BOB!!


22. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back: HOLY SHIT!!! This was damn funny, especially if you have seen all the other Kevin Smith films beforehand. Otherwise, you won't get it that much.


23. Perdita Durango: All the sex and violence you can possibly cram into one film without it being X rated. Gives Tarantino a run for his money. (MUST GET THIS!!)


24. Pulp Fiction: What more can I say?


25. Jackie Brown: A subtle film that got me laughing harder when I saw it second time (while I was toned). Yay for Tarantino.


Well that's all I caqn bother to mention. I probably forgot something but hey. If you get these films, you will be one happy stoner.


Peace Out,


Dirty Deed

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Guest Field_of_Light

Thats a pretty impresssive list.........


But you have omitted...naked lunch




The more disturbing Caligula (non edited full version).....this movie is so fukkked to watch that in order to make it viewable by more than one person they had to cut 52 minutes of the film out.........to get an 18+ rating on it.....


You sit there stoned and watch it....youll love it, youll hate it, it will make you sick and it will make you laugh....now hows that for a stoner experience.......


If youve seen the edited version theres no comparison



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well i have to say that is quite a good list but you missed out what is in my oppinion the best film ever to watch when your caned. That film being "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" this film is the most messed up thing i have ever seen it just fucks with your head using sureasl camera angles and wierd sound effects and even whatching it sober messes with you. So guys like the sound of that?


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