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Natures Valium In South Australia

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quote from an article i was reading about SA:


"Marijuana is still an illicit substance in South Australia even though it was widely "decriminalised" for personal use by the Labour Government in 1987. That government brought in an expiation fine system where simple possession of small quantities enabled the police to give you a fine and no criminal record - rather like a parking fine. This "decriminalisation" of cannabis has served to stop the crowding of courts of stoned offenders of a victimless crime and makes an important distinction between personal use and dealing."


I think this maybe the approach to take for initating the legalisation of cannabis? crawl before you can walk sort of thing.


the page that extract was from wasn't bad for a read either, quite humorous and pretty informative in places. just thought i'd run the idea of "decriminalisation" of cannabis by people to see the reaction.




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