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My grow from day 1

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I wont bore u too much, this next pic was taken 2 & 1/2 weeks after the last pic.

There growing rather well, Stems are very thick, only problem is there growing to big for there current system,

I have another area / setup nearly ready to go.


Plant Date : 22 March 2003


Plant Age : about 4 weeks


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I cant believe how quickly these plants grow, I had to go away for a few days and when i came back they were nearly touching the lights. Time to get the new system running.


Consists of 2 40 letre Rectangular tubs. We made wooden tops out of scrap wood, cut pot holes and drilled air holes and the system seemed to work nicely. I just repotted the old pots into new 8" pots


Plant date : 28 March 2003


Plant Age : 5 weeks


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1st of april i put the plants on 12/12. There still growing like crazy, I'm now thinking that i didnt leave enough room between the pots, the plants are already blocking each other. This is my first grow so i'm learning alot as i go, I was told today that when plants are switched ova to 12/12 they will at least double in size from that time to harvest...... if this is the case, I'm gunna have to build another system............ (i'm already on to it)


Plant date : 6 april 2003


Plant age : 5/6 weeks


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