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Yikes! Blue Algae on my rockwool

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So i have just started my first serious grow with 4 clones from SPC (Thanks Stonededas your the man) 1 misty, 1 big bud (which i accidently snapped the stem) and 2 ak47xc99.


My 2 Ak47xc99 both have BLUE algae growing on the rock wool and on one of them it is growing a bit on the bottom of the stem.... now i am pretty damn worried cause as i understand blue algae is poisonous?


ATM they are only about 10cm tall and havn't really started growing much, they are in coco fibre in styrofoam cups and the rockwool is about 90% burried in the rockwool should i have covered the rockwool totally over with coco fibre?


The algae was actually on the clones when i got them...


Wat should i do?


Any help would be great!


I'll try and borrow a digicam tommorw and get some pictures for ya'll

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Guest elefunk_delivers

hey man alge is due to wet surfaces and mediums that hold too much water..

i think everyone thats used that god forsaken rockwool has agle problems now and again..

i suggest gettin sum card and cuttin a circal around the stem and cover the exposed rockwool

that will see the sunlight. this should stop the age process in a few weeks time...


hope this helps


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How about if i just cover all the rockwool over in coco peat? or will the algae start growing on my coco peat? Also if i did do this and covered the stems up a bit they wouldnt get stem rot would they?


Thanks for ya input elefunk will probably do that

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