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Perlite? Where to Buy

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Hey guys i looked at BigW for Perlite and couldnt find it...... where do u guys get it and is it marketed under different names? While i am at it what is a good potting soil i can buy in bags for my transplant? I am thinking i want fertilizer in it to get me through the veg stage then i will be adding nutes for flowering.


Also what would u reacommend as a mixture soil/perlite


Thanx heaps guys !!!!

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Guest Field_of_Light

Dude..dont mix soil and perlite........

Perlite from hydro stores and garden centres......

28-30$ for a 100 litre bag

Make sure its coarse grade and not the fine shit

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Guest Field_of_Light

I think its expanded volcanic rock....its a complete medium.....you may use hydroton to aerate the roots more...thjey are clay balls....


If by soil you mean soil....dont mix it with perlite....I dont know anyone that has done it...you may experiment if you wish but....

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