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G'day g'day...


I wanted to start a general discussion just about hydro nutrients...so we can share information about this strange and omnipotent technology...


Would be really good to hear from some oldtime growers who have been around since the early days of hydro and who used to make do with buying granulated chemicals and making do by doing thier own chemistry etc. etc.

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Yeah...I just mixed up my first batch of commercial hydro nutes ever today...and I gotta say I'm very impressed by what I saw...everything has mixed up very nicely...no precipitation or little bits of crap lying on the bottom..


I started off with the micro and grow and found that I didn't have to agitate it much...It was very well mixed...


I shaked the bloom fairly vigorously and opened it up and it looked like BLOODY CUM!!! Oh well fuck it I thought and just tipped it in...after about 15 mins with the bubblers in...even that had dissolved...incredible...


let me just say that this is a huge change from the first time I ever experimented with hydro...and mixing my own chemicals..I've forgotten the recipe though as I got it from a book I read years ago and can't remember what I put in but I do remember what almost all of them looked like...

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I have been growing indoors since 1985.Back then I use to buy my nutes from R &D (nsw) but they just had a general one that was used for grow and bloom.So about 89 I found a hydro shop (it's still there) and i started using the grow nutes and bloom nutes for couple years.it was a shop home brand the guys made up ( ok,crap now). I use Dutchfest now have for years and had no problems ever. I know there is a lot of brands out there and i think a lot are all the same. Most important to read and follow instrustions and dont pour stuff back into container .

What brand did you get Mr Putard?

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Im using Manutec hydroponic nutrient.... it comes as powder part a and b all u do is add water.....


Makes 250L says u can use it for Veg and Bloom i bought it from the garden section of Big W for 5 bux! also got 3 blocks of coco fibre for 5 bux aswell!


It has N.P.K - 7.6/3.1/18.2 + trace elements for part a and calcium nitrate - 19.0 and nitrogen as nitrate - 15.5 for part 2


Says concentration of diluted solultion when 2 parts disolved at recommended rates are N = 215ppm P = 37ppm and K = 218ppm


I was thinking it probably has a bit much K in it but hopefully it will do.....

Think i mite add some kinda bloom booster for bloom which they also sold at Big W for 5 bux a box and u jsut had a spoon full to the normal mix...


What u guys think?


This stuff is also Australian made and owned in SA


Unfortunetly im on my first grow using clones from SPC and my mate got them for me and by the time i got them they looked pretty worse for wear and ive only had them a few days so i cant really say if these nutrients work well.... but soon hopefully i will b able to :D

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I've used a heap of different nutes and agree with sweetjane, no difference.

The only nute that I've found to not cut it was the 1 part Heads On crap,


Also putard, most nutes are coloured I think, Canna nutes are very similar looking both A & B look very much the same pale greeny yellow, except A is kinda thicker colour, So that makes me think maybe the rest are all coloured.

Which is what I don't like about Dutchfest, Ages ago I only got back 1/2 of my bond due to a big red stain on the carpet from Dutchfest nutes. The good thing about coloured nutes is you can always tell which medicine cup is for which bottle.

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Guest Field_of_Light

well its a hard question to answer...so many nutes so little time..........


I use optimum grow and then optimum flower......suited to south oz water conditions....


I used to use a plus b mix your own nutes from the fertiliser company and am thinking of doing it again...as it only costs 70 cents per 200 litres of made up solution during veg and a bit more during flowering.......


I wont try any of the other bands as they are so bloody expensive........

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General Hydroponics 3 part nute mix....


micro is red-dark brown... needs a little shaking

gro is light green ... needs little less shaking..

bloom was bright red... needs a hella shaking


i saw on OG the Lucas Formula... this only involves micro and bloom.. so gro isn't used..


Lucas Nutrient Formula (per Gallon and a Gallon is 3.7854 liters ) :P


Change Nutrient solution every 2 weeks.


Vegetative growth

Micro - 5ml

Bloom - 10ml




Micro - 8ml

Bloom - 16ml


HighGrades Nutrient Formula (for advanced gardners requires TDS)..

veg stage

3-2-1 mix 1

5ml Grow

10ml Micro

5ml Bloom.

Pro-Tekt 5mls

epsom salt C 1/4 tsp

2 gals of distilled and adjust the ph to range.



5ml Grow

10ml Micro

15ml Bloom

Pro-Tekt 5mls

epsom salt C 1/4 tsp

Add two gals of distilled and adjust for ph range.


Highgrades Nutrient Formula has also been expressed in the following recipie.

Highgrade Nutrient Formula (Nutrient Solution Needs to be changed every 7-10 days)

This one is per gallon.

Vegetative (3-2-1)


Grow – 5ml

Micro – 3.3ml

Bloom – 1.65ml


Transition (2-2-2)

Grow, Micro, Bloom – 3.3ml


Bloom (1-2-3)


Grow – 1.65ml

Micro – 3.3ml

Bloom – 5ml

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