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setting up my 2nd grow

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Hey all i am starting to get my shit tougher for my 2nd grow i am going to use a 50/50 mix of prel&vernic in 25lt buckets with a drip system for feeding i have most of the shit i meed now this is were i will need a little help for testing the water ph, can you use the 1s that you use for testing the ph of pool water if not dose any 1 know of 1 that dose not cost heaps of $$$ as i dont have a lot of $$$. I am going to use dutch fest (i hope the spelling is rite) dose any 1 have any bad things to say about it as i dont know very much about mj ferts as some of the ferts that i have heard some ppl talk about i cant get at my hydro shop and i will not buy online as i think that is 1 of the esayest ways of geting busted, i have enough room in my wardrobe to do 3 plants in 25lt buckets but dont know if i am going to do 2 or 3 yet i will running a 400w sun-t so any and all advice would be grate and if there is anything eals you want to know just ask and i will do my best to answer you :(


Bong on aussie :P

ozmade :D


P.S.Tom have you got a detailed plan of your water system because that is what i am going to set up

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can you use the 1s that you use for testing the ph of pool water

Haven't seen them but if they tell you the ph to the first decimal place then they should be ok.


How is your ventilation set up?



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Hey all, Tom my ventilation setup is, i have 2 computer fans in each corner at the bottom for air in and a 250mm barthroom in the top for air out my hood has one fan pumping air in and two sucking it out, Pipeman i was going to run to waste as i think it would be the best for me until a get a lot better growing hydro.


Bong on aussie :P

ozmade :D

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Hey Oz,

the pool ph strips usually don't go low enough for pot. Ask your hydro

guy, he should have them. I use a meter, but that costs a bit more.

One thing to watch out for is heat in a small setup. If you find it's a problem,

put some duct on one of your intake fans and suspend the open end at the same height as the top of your plants. Move it up as the plants grow. Once

the stretch stops in bloom you wont have to move it at all. Using this method

you can get the light as close as 10 cm to the buds without burning them,

depending on the temp of the air you pull in of course. Do not try this in the outback summer.


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