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my 1st grow finnished

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what size light did you use?


and what about a smoke report? c'mon ozmade, lift your game! :P

hey pipeman i used a 400w sun-t and the smoke turned out a lot better than i could of hoped it was not A1 but it was good, it gave me a nice mellow head stoned but i am a heavy smoker but from what my mates were telling me it was some of the best somke thay have had for a wile witch gave me a big head :D the pic of the buds next to the knife are about 27cm long and ar about the thickness of a broom handle :P


bong on aussie

ozmade :D

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ozmade, we can help you increase your yield if you want.


What sort of set-up are you using? Are you growing in soil or hydro?


The 430w Son-T-Agro (your light) is capable of a lot more, my best grow using a single one was just under 16 ounces, 5 3/4 oz off one plant.




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Hey Tom, Pipeman my 1st grow was really just to get the feal of it all i could of got more off the plant if i could had left it fully mature but at the time it could not be done, Tom the answer to your queation is the 400w sun-t as i said in my last post to grow in i was useing a 50/50 mix of potting mix and vermiculite in 400mm pot and useing just every day ferts in an avrage size 2 door wardrobe but with my next grow i will be dumping the soil all togher and getting some proper mj ferts for the growing medauim i dont know yet but i will racking every ones braines here to see what thay say about this and that then i will make up my mind on and i was hand wartering this time i will be putting a little system in like yours Tom as i allready have all the stuff to do it and i have some of those big white 20lt buckets i was going to do 3 plants this time, i hope this will give a lot more mj this time and even a better smoke, i dont know yet if i will do from seed or get some clones it just depends on the $$$ i have at the time.


Bong on aussie :P

ozmade :D

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