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Hello Guys


If you let your seedling soak up the sun and then afterwards place them under fluoro's.. will this risk the plant turning hermie? i've read @ OG it can


I'll train them early on more fluoro hours to sun.. then after every 2 days, i'll let the plant have more sun(hrs).

Sound good?

any input would be nice

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hmm sols idea sounds all good if u have fluros why not leave them under there, i dont know much bout this but i think the tempreture has a lil to do with the plant changing sexes,or may stress it a lil, not to sure though. maybe not maybe so i really dont know :P i think i read it somewhere but my brain is toally not working now i started to type this :D best way to find out is to try maybe do it to 1 plant to see what happens leave the others under the fluro. and check the diff in a week or 2. goodluck :D
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planning on putting the plants in a container outside so it will be hard for insects to reach the plants.

Some insects can fly.


You are not going to be able to bring the plant to maturity with your current set-up, you are going to have to spend some money. If you wish to continue with fluoro's then you will need at least another 5 36w tubes, if you want to grow some serious mj toss the fluoro's and get a Son-T-Agro or similar horticultural light.



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Thanks for quick reply Tom

Yea gonna try get those sticky pest strips aswell, for those flying ones .. you know where abouts i can get them?

I just want to use the fluoro(36watt)/sun in the seedling stage(try to get it 22/0 light") until it can grow strong enough, then i'll plant it outside to veg what do you think?


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