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Growing in a Medium

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Just wanted to know,if growing in a Medium like perlite do i need a pot that has no holes?.Or can i use any pots?.

I am thinking of using a medium and having the plants pots in a saucer of water.I will be watering everyday,but just thought that having them sitting in water can't be bad,can it?.



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Use self watering pots and you need plenty of holes, I've converted to the square ones made by F&T, $10.95 each in Kmart, it is not expensive as the increase in yield compared to the 12" (30cm) round pots is noticeable. After all, using round pots in a square grow room is sort of like fitting the round peg in the square hole. :D


The F&T pots need the drainage holes cleaning out before you use them and I drilled a heap of 3mm holes in the bottom (40 or 50) as the roots grow into the reservoir tray and would soon block the few holes supplied, I also used the 3mm drill to fix the blocked holes. Don't press too hard on the drill or the plastic will crack :P



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