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are my clones in trouble?

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my clones have been in my "aero" cloner for about a week now, and only one of them has sprouted some roots.


some have started to wilt, and I'm giving them tough love at this stage, hoping that no misting will make them root faster.


anyway, what I am most concerned about is some sort of growth/buildup thats appearing on the lower stems. On some stems its white, on others it green. Somehow I think its not root bumps. below is a pic. Do I have a problem here?


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AAAGGHHHHhttp://www.theeboot.nl/smilies/yikes.gif they look like they are just hanging in the air? don't you have the clones planted in some medium, like rockwool cubes?http://www.theeboot.nl/smilies/12.gif and they look like they've been cut like you cut roses before you put them in a vase. pipeman to tell you the truth it don't look good mate, when you have them in a water/nutes solution it still won't work I'm afraid, If they where mine I'd cut them again, put a proper amount of root powder on them and stick them in rockwool cubes, then hope for the best. http://www.theeboot.nl/smilies/smokin.gif
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man I never liked that idea, I can't see how there is enough water in the air in there.


Anyhoo, my suggestion is to raise the water level so the clones are in the water. get the bottom 2" in the water and they will root within 2 weeks. Its been done this way for years. Other plants are rooted by putting them in a glass of water and changing the water every few days, and I thought the bubbler cloner will work this way. I used to do it with the stems in the water and it worked. Fairly slowly but it worked. I still preffered rockwool, but it worked good none the less.


If you have a pump you should look at building an misting cloner, they cost about $50 to build after the pump. mine is more like the aero-spring instructions than the misting cloner instructions and roots in 4 to 10 days.


When taking cuttings I find they root quicker if cut almost vertically down the stem, so the bottom cm of the stem has half its skin off.

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g'day; it can be done....you must have lots and lots and lots of bubbles thru nutes mix or have lots of mist in bucket.if i can find pics i will post link to them.

stems must be in contact with nutrient/water at all times i think.

best to use rockwool cubes until you certain you have your setup right, once it is right, DO NOT change anything. keep growing same way until you know you confident enough.rockwool is good in bubbler/DWC etc.

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hey all, when I made that last post only one clone was rooting and some where starting to wilt. I raised the water level and took the timer off the air pump, just ran it full time. Now 4-5 are rooting like mad and all the clones have perked up again. Only problem now is that I haven't got my bubblers ready yet. doesn't matter, they seem to be living just fine for the moment.
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the ones at each end seem to be doing OK. The one laying in front shrivelled and died. I pulled it and there were no roots, but there were when I planted it. The one in the middle right took its place, I pulled it from the bubbler as it was not doing well there. It had a couple of small roots when I put it into the bubbler, but none when I pulled it out. I just stuck it in the soil for the hell of it to see what happens.


The problem with the bubbler I think is that the water level was not high enough to reach the roots. I was watering from the top twice a day but apparently this was not enough to get the roots to grow down. I was going to install drippers from the top to keep the roots moist in the early stages, but instead I think I'll just grow the roots really long in my aero cloner so that they are below the water level as soon as I plant them in the net pots. A couple of clones I've left in the aero cloner now have roots long enough to do this.


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