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Confused about reproduction

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One of the nice things about vapourisers is that you don't need to cure flowers before you can use them. Lately I've been taking a few flowers from some SPC Thai I'm growing outdoors and finding seeds within them. More precisely ONE seed per bud. What's going on here ? I thought that there needed to me males/pollen around for seeds to develop. Are these seeds the blueprint that will be duplicated when the pollen appears or is it some quirk of the plant. All plants are female (no hermies either). I'm curious to know if these seeds are useable or are, I don't know, unfertislised or something. Any experts out there? Many thanks.
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Hey Gruntus,


If your on the north coast it could be that damn piggery hemp farm. This kinda thing is the main reason I a'm only into the decriminalization and not the legalisation. Too many outdoor plants will lead to the mixing of hemp and cannabis.

I know that hemp is a hermy and the plants aren't meant to be grown to maturity, but the ones in the paper certaintly were.

Anyhoo, I wouldn't bother with them seeds. Most of the bush I see these days is all crappy shit.

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Here's a link to an online version of Marijuana Botany. This should answer the q's about reproduction of the second most glorious order of plants. (Next to orchids, of course.... :P Hmmmm.... THC producing Vannila Planiflora..... Hmmmm...... Sooo Vanillastoney..... drool, dribble, slobber.....) It's not the most authoritative book on marijuana reproduction and botany, but it's about all that's been published which answers these questions.... Anyway, enjoy! :D Oh, and whitecluster, where did you hear that all hemps are hermie? :D They can be monoecious types (Both sexes on one plant), but usually the best strains are dioecious, (Separate sex) because monoecious strains degrade with each generation to dioecious types. I'm not sure where you're getting your information on hemp strains from, but I think the source is somewhat suspect.... Just thought I'd point that out.


Marijuana Botany By Robert Connel Clarke

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Hey Skywalker,


I got my info out of the real version of the book you recommended, it says it somewhere in there.

Hemp is not my favourite subject so I don't know much, but yeah thanks for pointing that out, do you know the growing season for hemp?? do they pick it before pollination??

How do the plants come back to dioecious, Most Asian Sats have become less dioecious over time, so why the opposite in Hemp?? This has my mind boggling. Do pure males show up in hermy hemp?


Anyhoo, that book is great, Rob Clarke is my fave author, his book 'Hashish' is the most amazing book I have ever read, and his introduction in the Cannabible is great too.

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g'day; hemp is not hermy, hemp is exactly same species as all cannabis sativa(only less THC).hemp is dioecious, hemp is not grown to maturity because only the stems are required.

they only grow to maturity for seed crop.

do a search on your browser for "hemp", you will find 1000's of links.

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