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drought killing everyone's plants

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hi all, out here in the boonies, we've been on water restrictions for 6/8 months cause our town supply is a series of man-made lakes on the Darling river which itself is drying up fast(cause of cotton growing I reckon) Because of massive salinity in the water thats left,

all the local growers crops have died and ours are flat out producing 1-2 oz per 5 foot plant ..the ones that didn't keel over that is!

Does anyone know of a cheap home made filtering setup...things are getting desperate round here :(

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desalinisation is a costly process, which is why we don't process seawater for drinking. i would imagine there would be a few cost effective ways of doing it but i'm unaware of any. try searching around on the internet, use a search engine like Google. The internet is a far broader bank of knowledge than any library :( .. just take this site for an example :( hehe.


Best of luck, and if you do find an effective method, i'm sure alot of people here wouldn't mind having a peek, i for one would be intrested & might do a quick search a bit later when i get some time.

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