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Holy Crap,Is this real?

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While out google searching i came across a site that had pics of peoples buds that they grew.I came across one photo that had the biggest BUD i have ever seen,It must be around 4ft at least.It is supposed to be Sweet Tooth#3.The thing i want to know is how the hell do you manage to get a bud that big?.I am unsure about copyright so i will not put the picture up,but let me know and i will send it to you.


Cheers :(

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That SweetTooth#3 monster is indeed real and the work of one master soil grower named Billbo. Yes, that's right, that monstrousity was grown organically in soil. Amazing eh? He 'trick' is throwing massive amounts of light at them. :(


Here is the thread about this grow (with many more great pics):



I also have grown SWT#3 and can attest to it's yield capabilities. I had no buds the size of Billbos (I only wish) but I still had some very nice plants. My best was a topped, multi-headed 4+ft girl that yielded 7oz (dried&manicured).


Attached is a pic. :(


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