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Air stone

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don't worry yourself too much about what buddy said, its all true, but in a flood and Drain or dripper setup, you get enough air if you do it right. The main reason for airpumps in these systems is for algae prevention.


I dunno your system, but instead of an airpump I'd get a little powerhead, (e.g. Rio 800), that will move the water around and keep it from going stagnant. They cost more, but the main reason for a powerhead is that you can put a tube on it and pump your water into buckets instead of syphoning the water when you need to do a water change. also you could get a filter for the powerhead so you can clean any perlite/vermiculite that gets into your res. Just run it on a timer for 15mins every hour or 2. If your using drippers, there will be enough water movement to keep your res from going stagnant as the water will be moving alot of the time.


Anyhoo, airpumps are good none the less, they dissolve extra oxygen in your water, which is a good thing. But unless you are using bubblers they aren't essential.

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I use a 12" aquarium air stone in my reservoir, I also have a power head off a submersible aquarium filter that comes on with the pump to make sure the nutrients are well mixed, it is a bit of overkill but I'm covering all the bases.



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