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Funky fungus....

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I've got this strange fungus coming up in both my normal and recreational soil plants.... Its bright yellow, and starts as a small group of button heads, around 5 cm round, and then the individuals in the grow on to about 5-7.5 cm high and have a 3-4cm cap, bright yellow with a sort if wrinkled, peeling area on the very centre of the top.... The things have infested a couple of potplants and a tiny part of the herb garden.... Anyone know either what this fungus is, or where I could get an identification page to look through? I tried google and some other search engines, no luck.... Help! lol I don't want either me or my kitties poisoned by fungus spores! Not to mention the damage they could do to plants..... Even if we can't find out what it is, what can I do generally about fungus in a soil garden? Any products or advice?
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Im a pretty n00b grower myself mate but could it be maybe your soil was contaminated? Ive never heard of fungus growing like this before so don't really know what your could do?


Try going to www.overgrow.com and searching the growfaqs maybe...


Hope you get it sorted mate.

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