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black domina


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Very tall, should have a nice big head, what sort of yield do you get per plant with that method of growing?


Also, how did you get it to grow horizontally? :lol:



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sols, what kind of light do you use?? What's the size of your growroom etc ... they look like your either experimenting with something or your not giving them enough light...sorry about all the critism an that but they just look like they could do sooo much better...


another thing, why aren't they branching? they should be really bushy by now???

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hi sols

may i start by saying "Very nice indeed"..but

and forgive my ingnorance growwing her staight up with a single cola instead of topping it where the the under growth starts tipping all side branches and tying or wireing them down so at the end of 4-5 weeks veg you would have a 2.5ft high by 2ft wide plant with apprx 15-25 tips that when turning back to 12/12 will still stretch to give 15-25 nice fat colas instead of 1.eg more yeild same time!! especialy now with the laws

getting sticter you need to aim for as much yeild u can get of as many plants you r doing. lol


agian nice plant thou!

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g'day; i have a very simple setup this grow. i only got time this year to grow 2 plants, room was dismantled months ago, i have 600HPS, suspended off curtain rod, in spare room.

plant was veged for 4 weeks including germination time.

i am going o/s in june, no time for serious setup yet.

otherwise this plant would be a mother plant. i expect a cola 18" long at harvest. i expect 1oz dry maybe more.

when i return from 90day holiday, i will setup my 3 section grow again.

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That shit is some filth pot, only grown it out twice but that is the most I've grown out any of my mums, Anyhoo looking good, mine are like that, they got long nodes and develop lotsa golfballs instead of a long cola I find, anyhoo, its a sweet smoke, I'd rate it in my most potent strains, for an indica, In my book it comes before AK-47 and after Romulan (its probably more potent than Romulan, but I care about taste). I thought she would branch more than that though, I prune mine so I dunno.

Anyhoo looking good.


And Putard thats how they grow, they are decent yielders for such quality shit, they blow romulan away in yield, but none the less, they are no commercial strain.


I remember in another post you said you had 60+ strains, Do you ever get a chance to grow em out again?? I got a real problem with buying seeds, can't stop it, Wish I could, to get a better understanding of each strain. You got the same problem??


Anyhoo, happy growing.

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