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when to start

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hey denske

personaly i dont think much of head on

have used it but have found betta nutes out there.

if the bottle says 10mls@ltr then first start at 2.5mls@ltr

first then go to half strenght @5mls @ ltr then bump em up to full strenght that way u wont burn them with to stong nutes ,i also like to use 2 other things with my nutes that being 1. nutraboost a vitamin additive that makes sure your plant/s gett the correct vitamins needed to promoted more vigor.

2. bio bugs.(would not grow indoors with out them)

keep your roots white and cleans them of any bacterias and keeps em free of disease eg root rot.


happy growing lol

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cheers, i only bought those nutes cuz they weere pretty cheap,an its a one part mix, i only bought one litre so i might get something different next time,, yeh i figured start em off weak mixes, just wasnt sure how weak though, im might look for those addivtives too, thanks, overanout
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