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Aphids Galore

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I have a few plants in the process of water flushing, prior to harvest, about 4 days away. Once they are out, i need to kill off all nasties in there, before placing new plants in there. The room is about 4x4m, i still have a few more plants in there, they are 4 weeks from harvest.

The room is really being overtaken with aphids. 70% of leaves are a pale color due to excessive attacks. A Few weeks ago I used 2 bottles of bug off pyrethium spray, which did not work as well as usual, possably due to excessive bug numbers. I have 10 sticky aphid traps placed all round the room, but they are not doing the job that well either. Obviously, i have let them get out of control (went away for 10 days), and need to get them in check after this harvest.

Any sprays that may be effective? I have heard ladybugs R good,...but they also like lights. Lacewings R also recommended,..but will the cause me additional problems & will they be ok in amongst my flowering plants?

This is my flower room,..so i must be carefull what i use to erradicate these little trouble makers.

Any suggestions much appreciated lol

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try sprinkling napathalene flakes on a couple of trays and leave them near your plants...usually works great for moths an silverfish etc..you could also try lightly spraying plants with mortein where you see the aphids..

maybee you could make something with a pair of stockings...use string to make little pouches of napathalene...suspend with string so you have little pouches swinging between you branches....lol :o

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