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hydro questions


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im wondering with a hydro setup,how often do u feed them nutes, and how often do u feed the water, and for how long should u do it for?, example, do i feed them nutes all day everyday or for a few hours a day , and when i feed them water do i water them all day or for a few hours a day, im not really sure , my babies are only young an wont be getting nutes yet but, should i be running water till then,, im using a perl/vermic mix, by the way how lightweight is that shit"perlite", i acccidently knocked the bag off the shelf at the shop an it nearly floated,;), any advice on the running of hydro ? cheers
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yeh those bubbler things sound pretty cool, an ive only read good things about em, they seem to alway get the result, but ive already set up a dripper system, i just dunno how long to run nutes/water for ,, do u just let them drip constantly, or for a few hrs or what, an putard i see u still zira, ;), hey i didnt mean anything by that pm,thought u mighta been the linkdigger, an easier way to get pics is, hold control f10, then while ur holding it hit pause an then hit right click, someone posted that here before an it works, thanks for the link too, overanout
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hello, thanks for the tip...it's always good to know one thing different ways..thanks..


yeah about the dripper...I've heard that about 3mins every hour should do the trick...It's somewhere in the older posts though..hope it helps. I suppose you'll need a water pump and a timer to accomplish that one..

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g'day; i use perl/verm in pots, i feed nutrient mix every day or as required by using plastic watering container.

water until nutes mix just starts to flow thru bottom of pot then stop. no need for timer if you look at plants daily.no need for noisy pump either.

i grow the same way outdoors in pots, except i use soil outdoors.(not grown outdoor successfuly for 4 years now).

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I use expanded clay balls, and found them to be a most excellent product. My pump runs 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off, that way i get extra airation.

Imagine a reserviour tank (about 45 litres with water heater and air stone) piped to 25 litre pots, at the same level. That way the water level in the reservour is always the same as in the pots.

I make a hose ring to fit just inside the top of the 25 litre pot (this stops the top pot from falling inside the bottom pot), and sit a second 25 litre pot filled with expanded clay on top.

So i basically have 2 pots, 1 on top of other, bottom filled with water which flows back to the res; top filled with clay, plant and watered from res, using sprinklers.

Every two weeks I flush system and change nutrients. All nutrients are mixed in the res and PH balanced to around 6.3. System is topped with plain, PH balanced water whenever needed. The plant roots grow down, into the bottom pot and sit in the water.

I have used this system for quite some time, with great success.


No messy dirt, just water, nutrients and expanded clay which can be reused again & again.

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alright, cheers guys, im kinda getting the drift, feed them nutes everyday, i guess im gonna have to figure out how long to run em for, some of my pots are bigger than others, so it another excuse to stick my head in cupboard an watch them, thanks for help, overanout
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