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tempreture hassles

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im having trouble keeping my temp down,, it seems when ever the wheather is hot like the last couple of days the cupboard temp rises, i have got 2 fans in their going hard, i set one both up to extract but found temps got worse, so one is extracting , one blowing it keeps it down a bit more but, temps still 29,30,31, i use a digi thermomter and its accurate, should i whack another fan in, i have one more, i original bought three, its gonna come into winter soon, an i dont think temp will be a prob then , but in the meantime, what effect does higher temps have on my little babies ;) , overanout
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hello, I wish I could be worried about those temps...where I am it'll frequently get up to 38 during the day and that outside,,,usually it's about 5-10 degress warmer in my future grow room...but I reckon this will be OK...Best grow experience I've ever had was in full sun in the middle of a lawn...must have been in tha 40's for that little plant and I used to get stoned every couple of days off it.. ;)
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My grow room temps can sit in the low 30's during summer with no harm to the plants, 24 - 27 degrees is the optimum temp for best growth and yield but the plants can handle higher and lower temps.



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oohh ok, cheers, once winter hits here it should be alright i cant see it being too hot, it might get too cold if anything, but thats a long time yet, just wondering if i was gonna do damage, for some reason i think everything little aspect will majorly affect my indoor grow,man i used to never worry about the outside plants, just give em water every few days, an nutes once a week, an i had no worrries, now im peaking out if temp goes up a degree, an i dont even wanna start worrying about ph,,;), overanout
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my room frequently hits the 40's in summer. hey, it gets up to 40+ f outside so my tin shed is unbrearable with 880 wts of light as well!.

I run lights at night, off in day to ease temp. I use two inline computer type fans for exhaust & incoming air. Exhaust duct near top of growroom as heat rises. I have incoming air vent directed via duct tubing to the back of a room fan to spread the cooler air around.


I have never had any probs or any perish. They seem to slow right down in excessive heat but survive ok.


I find it easier to keep room warmer than cooler. In winter just use a small electric heater with thermostat temp control. This is important if you have really fat buds as I had some went mouldy on the plant due to excessive moisture in the cood shed air. Remember that warm air can hold / absorb a far greater amount of moisture or water vapour than cool air which can lead to excess moisture probs & mould on buds.


Hope that makes sense & helps



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