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what do u reckon

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i know its early but i was wonderin,whats some good media, an how expensive is it,im gonna buy an easy to use one, im normally a soil guy, but im gonna change my thinking,well im changing my grow style so im gonna go with a more hydro freindly media,am also looking at get a hydro setup, kinda like toms going,something that will drain quickly and not hold water/nutes for too long,but im kinda stuck with a couplea things for the setup,if u guys could help much appreciated,as im off to the hydro shop in as couplea hours

ok heres where im stuck, when plants are old enough do u run a nutes mix all the time in hydro? if not how long do i run the nutes for?,and do u water them with plain water or just nutes,also im proberly gonna go with a drip to waste setup, an is it ok to leave the excess nutes/water in the tray or should i empty trays? any help is much appreciated,overanout

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g'day; medium to try is.....perlite/vermiculite, approx, $40 per 100ltr bag at any good nursery.(always wear a dust mask when handling fresh perl/verm.)

mix your soluble hydro nutes into drum of water,(always add nutes to water, not water to nutes).i use 25ltr plastic drum with tap at bottom. you can run hose off tap to run to drip setup, or you can hand water daily or as required.

i feed straight water for 2 feeds each week, then water only (no nutes) for last 2 weeks before harvest.

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