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A bubbler question

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Mate once your plants have dropped roots low enough so that the bubbles breaking are keeping them wet, then no you dont need to water from the top, i only usually top my res up once every 2 days so the level is about 1inch below the net pot. I also dump a couple of cups full from the res through the net pot periodically just to clean things out a bit, hope this helps.
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The plants were in a 4" PVC setup. but the roots were growing to quick and i didn;t leave enough room between pots so the plants are blocking each other. sooooooo I made 2 bubblers outa 40L containers and put 2 pots per one. i've just transplants the plants last night and the roots have already started poping out the bottom


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Guest Urbanhog

That reminded me of my old grow area in Tassie, under the house, but I spend 3 days digging under the house to make the slope straight and level least other 3 feet deep, and the soil was fucking rock clay hard ;) and setted up framed walls, and covered with Builder's Foil. And a Door made out of secondhand frames, and just covered up.... it was nice design, very disreect as you had you go under the house to the garage, move some storage boxes and there was wall that had small hole that you had to crawl inside and crawl for 5-7 metres to the grow area where I could finally stand up, but still head bended low. ;)


Where are the walls? Maybe you should build walls out of frames and cover up and paint the walls white for better reflection to the plants....?? Just a opinion.


Urbanhog ;)

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