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How long

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Hey all just a small question, i have noticed for the last few days the hairs are starting to turn red seems to be more every morning when i have a look at her before lights out, y i am asking this is because i have to go away on a little holiday at the expance of the Qld goverment for 8days on the 4th of next month and my gf wont look after her for me (well she did say should would have nothing to do with it she dose not smoke mj so i cant really winge) so do you think she will be ready to harvest by the 4th, if not can i force to mature early and will this have any bearing on how good it will be any and all advice would be grate ;)


bong on aussie ;)

ozmade ;)

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Guest elefunk_delivers

dose this also go for outdoors.. coz my indicas outside.. have mostly brown hairs all over em....

but i was thinking to let em go a bit longer..

like end of april


Much respect


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At a guess I would say you would be pulling them as soon as you get back, one of the Qld members may be able to correct the time of harvest using local knowledge.


Unless they can survive eight days without attention or being ripped off you should pull, trim and hang them before you go.



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Hey all

Ok,this thread has given me a little to worry about ;)

I have an Indica in & according to Toms pic/drawing of when to harvest,most of mine are at the 6-7 week mark.But not all of it......?What to do???Should I snip the buds that look ready & leave the rest?UGH!

Also,I have some kind of sat growing & that looks no where near ready??!!Which will be a good thing when I am looking for consistancy.

SO,guys,some advice PLEASE....What would YOU do?

1) Harvest the whole Indica NOW!

2) Harvest a little of the Indica NOW & keep doing so on perhaps a daily basis...?

HELP ...This part is fun,eh?I have been watching these babys for nearly 6 months now & all of a sudden ITS ON!!

thanks to anyone who can decipher this message let alone advise me..... ;)



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