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oooohhhh these look cool

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well,, i just thought id lets yous know about these little beasties,,,,,, under lights, my little sprouties are getting some leaves"no biggie i hear u say" but i never seen this before,,, ok,,,, u know those first "water leaves i think" those little roundish ones, that stay round an dont get jaggered,, well the next leaf up,, usually doesnt that stay a single speared leaf,, then the next one after that usually has maybe 3 spears then they go from there,,, every mj plant ive grown has done that,,,,, a single round leaf, then a single speared one, then a 3speared or more and eventually 5 spears 7 spears or just stay 3spears all through,,, is that confusing????,,, well these ones under lights, have gone,,,,, a single round leaf, then bang straight into 3spears, they have skipped the single leaf????? i also thought this was a water leaf,,,,,, does anyone get what im saying, and does it mean anything???? they seem to be ok, just look a bit different,,,,,,,,,,,,,, overanout
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;) as I'm used of growing starting of with clones, it's been a while but a good friend has send me his own strain from South Africa and first three seeds that germinated turned out to be males, than I germinated three more and only one turned out to be a female, but I nurse her very well to see her grow up and this all brought the joy back of germinating seeds and go from there. IT'S FUN! ..and yep, it's cute to see those first little leaves appear. lol
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i dunno wot those 'water' leaves are actually called but i'd suggest that they're for photosynthesis rather than water cuz most plants i've dealt with use their roots for water. lol


but yeh that is pretty cool that ya got some 3 finger leaves. i'm still on my first grow but mine followed the patturn you descibed with the numbers of leaf fingers, 1,3,5,7,9

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