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I have decided to update my growroom ,i need to do a couple things.At the moment i have an excaust out that is on 24hours ( for about 3 years now) and one passive vent inair,and oscillating fan.I want to up grade the air thing,I want to buy a centrifugal fan and pull fresh air in and maybe upgrade the excaut fan too. Can someone tell me,how do i get on in winter when it might be 2c outside (shed) with that air coming in? And if you say turn it off what about air in? My room is too big and i am going to close everything in more so venterlation is very important to update. I have read different ideas on ..'Double air out as in' or is it? Double air in as out lol Thanks for any help
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Hi Sweetjane,


In summer I put the air intake fans on a timer, which runs constantly. Durin winter I change the timers, so the intake fans only run 15 minutes evry hour, that way the room doesnt get too cold and fresh air allowed in at regular intervals.


I have room temp problems durin the colder months. This slows growth down, even if using water heaters. The cheapest way I found to combat this problem, is to use thoes electric ceramic heat lights, like thoes used to brood young chickens. The ones I use are about 250watt, and can also be used on a timer. Handy things thoes digital timers.


Perhaps U can adjust your fan using a timer, similar to what i do, and add a heat source... just a suggestion, hope it helps. lol

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yeah having your fans on a timer is a good suggestion. Your cupboards don't need constant fresh air. The other solution is in winter to have your intake at the top and exhaust down the bottom, so you are drawing the warm air from the light over your plants.


your exhaust should be more powerful than your intake. I would suggest you use your new centrifugal as an exhaust, and one or two PC fans as the intake or just passive intakes perhaps in the winter.


let me just say you are one lucky bastard. I would kill to have cold air problems! lol

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Hi Sweetjane-au


First thing to remember is the "air out" is much more important than the air in.


This is what Swing would do:-


"Air in" fans are a waste of time, but still install the duct so that it will draw air from the outside.


Install one or two really good "air out" fans (ie TD500, they are 5 times stronger then any other fan of the same size).


Then install a Temperature thermostate (about $120) hooked up to a heater.


The heater will only come on when the room Temp reaches 26 degress.


If you are running a couple of 600w or 1000w lights there will not be a problem with the room being to cold when the lights on. When the lights are off the heater will kick in when required.


Again Swing stress, that "air in" fans are a waste of money, but still install the duct and get some really good "air out" fans


or for a kick arse setup------->


On top of that install a Compugas Co2 bottle gas setup and the "air out fan" are controlled by a computer to came on for a few minutes every 3/4 of a hour or so. They dont need much external air flow because of the CO2 in the room.


Hope this helps Swing

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The computer on my co2 unit is what controls the 150mm inline fan that is programmed to replace the air in the growroom for two minutes every hour before the next co2 injection.


With winter coming on, I'll be doing what Jackfrost said and installing a thermo switch and heater to keep the room warm when the lights are off at night and the snow is a foot deep outside.


You could also use a small LPG burner to heat the room which would give off co2 , then slow down the ventillation.

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Guest Urbanhog
You could also use a small LPG burner to heat the room which would give off co2 ,  then slow down the ventillation.



Bit risky and dangerous IMO..... ;)


Urbanhog http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/contrib/sp/chefico.gif

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