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Beginner grower

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Hi all, first time posting here so respect to you all, your tips have taught me heaps!

Anyway im setting up a new growroom in the spare bathroom of my new pad which already has a small exhaust fan. I was planning on using this as well as a small desk fan. My question is; im always reading about inlet/outlet fans and seeing growrooms with lots of exhaust piping, im only planning on a small grow (2-4), will the existing fan be sufficient or will I have to upgrade the fan system? thanx



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Hi there cheebafan, welcome to Oz Stoner's.


It depends a lot on where you are, here in Tassie I can get away with a few PC fans during the cooler months but in the northern states they need a couple of 30cm fans plus an air conditioner.



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thanks Tom, your response helped a lot as I just moved to the Goldie from Sydney. Ive got a couple of 30cm fans, and a nice little airconditioner to use if the weather calls for it. But im more concerned about the exhaust setup, will the small existing bathroom one be enough?

cheers -cheebafan

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