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getting seed from stessing a female

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lets say you have 10 seeds but want to create more and planted them and got all fem's(shure you are lucky) so as to have more stock of the exact breed if you where to stress a female and turned it male would the seed from this male you have made be the same/similar as mum .if not why has any body done this and have had no probs or very few.i only ask this question for we are not always lucky/unlucky to get a male to collect seed to share with ppl that you can not give clones to or if you are not able to keep a mum for further use.thanks for any help.happy herb.
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Yeah, hermies, and females. You can get majority female dominant hermies, if thats what you want.

You gotta understand that most traits of a plant are represented by two genes or more, and one gene is a dominant gene, and under non stressfull situations the other (recessive) gene for sex will not show.

So the average female has a dominant female gene and a recesive male gene, To Self the plant (use a hermy/female to pollinate) you need a special plant that is very rare. It needs to have pure female genes, both the dominant and recessive genes need to be female.

You find that out by stressing the plants with wierd light cycles and seeing if anyplants don't turn hermaphrodite.


I doubt you could do this from 10 seeds, your best bet to get a pure female plant, is to get seeds from your seeds, and then grow out 1000's of those seeds to find a pure gyrl. But I found they are not as rare as breeders make you think, they act like you need 10000 females before you will find a pure one. and I found 1 in a bunch of 50 gyrls (tested 150 gyrls, 1000's seeds). unfotunately she was the windiest plant I've ever seen.

This was with White Rhino F2's that were shit in the first place.


But this is a thought I had, I'm not a genetic engineer so I don't understand everything about this shit, but I think that buying feminised seed, from Dutch Passion etc... and every single plant would be a pure female. I dunno, if this is right though, never occured to me till now. But if I'm right that would make getting feminised seed easy.


Anyhoo, there is alot of work involved, I think what I just wrote is fairly hard to understand, (for me anyway) but I dunno how to fix it. My brain is bad today. I probably explain it better in the 'female to male' thread.

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The characteristic to look for is a predominately pistillate hermaphrodite with very small number of staminate flowers. I know someone who had that situation with less than 50 seeds as well, but didn't plant the results. From inbreding the first gen.

I don't what percentage would be female/hermaph, but you should get some of the out the second generation which you inbreed, and each following generation you do the same and viola you got feminised.

Sounds good but you still gotta be lucky to find that perfect hermaph. The gene for this hermy tendency is in all weed, but using light to stress this condition would give mixed results. Best to give good conditions and wait for that supreme girl.

I know the seed companies can do that fairly easily, with those huge growrooms at their fingertips. But it doesn't mean we couldn't do it here, I sure someone will hit the jackpot.

Ganga :rolleyes:

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Ive got a Northern Lights strain that i crossed about 6 years ago!It is hermaphrodite!The thing is,it doesnt pollinate itself??I can use the pollen on other strains,and i get seeds!If i use the pollen on itself,no seeds!Ive done this for years now!It is also a really strong high!Sometimes there is a lot of "Balls" other times there are fuck all!
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YOU SAY WHAT? :rolleyes: You're very lucky budgee.... If you've got a true self- sterile hermaphrodite then you get the best of both worlds.... A plant you can grow alone or in cloned groups, (being careful of mutations down the line) and still have both sinsemilla (it won't fertilise itself if no other viable males are around) and pollen for crossing! ;) Have you planted out the resulting seed from crossing with others? What was the outcome? i.e. did you have many hermies in these crosses, and did the trait for self-sterility pass on if they were hermie? lol I'm very, very interested in this plant of yours mr budgee.....



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