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getting busted

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howdy all, i have recentley read that in australia it is unlikley that you would get busted for 1 or 2 plants, due to the paperwork the cops have to fill out. :huh: unless u have been reported to the police, therefore they have to bust you. :angry: just wanted to get some other persons veiws on this. as i always thought you would get busted no matter what???? peace & light. echo junkies.
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Guest bacchus

hey there echo junkie....

welcome to the boards....


i am not sure if that is always true....there are always going to be 'to the letter of the law' police officers out there who will bust you no matter what..

but i have heard of the police just pulling a couple of plants and issuing a warning, but again, this isn't to say that police will always behave like that....as we know cannabis is illeagal.... :huh:

i think the best policy is to take normal precautions and assume that if you get caught doing anything illeagal that you will be busted....good incentive to be sensible...



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cops take an oath that says they will give their mothers up! so work it out, if they dont bust you they are comming back to rob you fuccken believe me because i got charged for assault when i belted shit out of a maggot in my crop 6 years ago, he cliamed he never had time to identify himself as he reckons he was unconscious after the first hit with the baseball bat why his mate never assisted was not explained in court to any satisfaction and why he was standing on the other side of the fence was amusing and how his fingers got broken trying to see who flogged his mate. Lucky for me the assialant was a passer by.accepted :P defence. :P
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