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Am i over watering my plants?

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I'm growing in PVC tubing. I've been unsure what to do with the watering system at night time, so I've been turning the water off at nights.

Last night I let the water and air pumps go all night. The plants don;t look happy dismorning, all the leaves are drooping and some of them have curled up around the edges.


What is this? i have no cam to take pics.

If it is over watering, have i stuffed my plants?

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Guest GrowMad
nah, you wouldn't have stuffed your plants up... just go back to how u were watering them if it kept them happy. They should pick up within a day or so... They are a pretty robust plant as long as u fix problems when they arise...
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Hey Yam9000Studio,

I use a airoponics system and run pumps 24/7.

Forgot to switch pumps on once for 5 hours and got the same prob as you, After about a week it all came good, Except before this they were all pre-flowering female, But after this prob 3 went male 1 hermied.

I dont know if it was the stress or genes, Just keep a close eye on them.

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