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Appeal addressing all Governments and the UN

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Guest Urbanhog

Yeah same here Tom, thought add here for brave souls who are interested. :huh:


by the way, how's the arm going?




Urbanhog http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/contrib/sp/chefico.gif

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(***scares the chickens away :) )


Damn chickens! (:huh:)



Hey guys I signed and placed a banner at the mainpage of the Dutch weedclub, see this is to make change, all small bits help and I allways think of all those milions of people on this planet that smoke weed but if they are asked they give ya some innocent face and say nonono, NOT ME! becouse they're affraid of the neigbours, pigs, whatever so these people don't exist in the stats, keep the stats low and give the international ant-drugs forces all they need to keep repressing them. if every one would be honest those laws would have changed a long time by now. Unfotunately the Dutchies seems to be the only ones who don't give a shit about sanctions if it comes to just do what we think is good for us instead of listening to others who want to put their ideas on us. Pitty.


BTW, this doesn't even say you use drugs, just that you have this opinion. is that illegal too??

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you may be right tboat, but I just want to live my life and smoke little weed along the way. I'm not a hero, and don't want to put myself at risk to further reform. I take my hat off to those that do, but thats just not me.


also, the cops have a history of targeting people who are vocal about drug reform. I seem to remember a story about some political activists in Qld getting their houses raided on suspiscion of pot related offenses, and they got busted too.

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sure pipeman, on your knees for repression. :) that's how we got our system. :huh:


if you want to know, I've been arrested and jailed several times from 1979 until today, for cannabis yes, in Holland yes, we DID NOT GET IT ON A SILVER PLATE! :D


Aussie foottie? is Australian right? looks tough! looks like a MEN sport to me.

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The protest era is over and this was made painfully obvious by the failure of the recent peace protests, the only way to get the attention of the Howard government is to sack it at the next election.



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