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What pot size?

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Hi all,

Need some help here on what pot sizes to use from start to finish. I have no idea as i've never grown in pots, Always straight in the ground or my airo.

I've done a bit of hunting about but my brain(or whats left of it) doesn't understand the ol' gallons to litre change. Space is no probs at the moment and i grow under a 400w hps.

Any help much appreciated,


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depends what system you're running. If you're just running a dripper system into a pot that is containing all your roots then the bigger the better. I would suggest around 250mm. If you're just talking net pots that suspends over a bubbling res. then it only needs to be large enough to support your plant as the roots grow through, 100 to 150mm.
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Thanks pipeman,

I'm using an airo 5 at the moment with the net pots, I'm just thinking of trying something new with a wee bit less maintanance. I'm trying to build a second airo system but want to get something up and running till i can afford pump and heater. My grow rocks came free, When my elderly neighbours sold up they emptied all their grow rocks down the driveway(between driveway and fence), And they all rolled under the fence into my bucket.

I still aint sure about medium, Was thinking soil but i'm a bit paranoid about bringing in insects with the soil.

Feeding i aint sure about either yet, Maybe by hand till i can get my 2 left thumbs working.

Anyways, Thaks heaps,


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Paranoid, Are you using a bubbler or an Aero misting system?

cos I think bubblers are the easiest maintenance system, or Flood and Drain. Do you know how to set up a control resevoir? This way all the maintenance you have to do is top up the main resevoir, and then pump out the water every month and replace it.

I run 8x 15ltr buckets with a 15ltr control bucket and a 65ltr main resevoir. I rarely need to top up the main res as I replace the nutes every 2 weeks, but if your lazy you could do it every month. I've got some garden hoses I connect one to a pump in my control res with the other end going into the bath and I pump all the water out into the bath, then I fill up the 65ltr res (close the tap that goes to the conrtol bucket/float valve.) and add the nutes 65 ltrs at a time.

It is very very low maintenance.

I also have an organic garden which I hand water. It is very labour intensive, and doesn't cope with holidays to well. I spend so much more time in this garden even though its growth rates and yield per plant are far below my bubbler garden.

Anyhoo, I like to grow 3ft bushes, and use 300mm square planter boxes, they are great pots although they cost alot to buy. I think drippers are not good as they block to much, especially in a soil setup?


If you don't understand the whole control resevoir thing just ask.

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Thanks white_cluster, I'm using an airoponics sytem with sprayers/misters.

Do i know how to set up a control res?, No, I know pretty much nothing about what i'm doing, Done it the easy way and bought my setup ready made.

You pretty much gave me the answers i was looking for and wouldn't mind going the same way you are, 8 bucket system sounds nice but, Will they fit under a 400w?.

Also any links or info to build these buckets would also be much appreciated.

Thanks heaps,


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Paranoid, I'd do no more than 4 under a 400w. Check out bakeries and donut shops for buckets, they are usually free. Its very cheap to setup, You'll need about a 9500cc air pump for 4 x 15ltr buckets.


Pipeman, I don't have an electric float switch but a simple gravity-fed float valve (like in a toilet), I think it is more reliable with a float valve 'cos you don't have to rely on pumps. I bought mine from my local rural store which is where I get most of my stuff, cost $30 then another $2 for a shorter shaft so it would fit in a bucket.

My pump is in the control bucket, But only used to pump out the water. My resevoir sits on a shelf above the control bucket so it takes up less floor space.

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Thanks again white_cluster & pipeman, That was the info and links i was after.

Just 1 problem, Their is 2 bucket construction instructions, They both use the same 1/2 inch grommets but they both state different hole sizes for the grommets, 1 says to drill using a 5/8 bit while the other states to use a 7/8 bit.

Could someone please let me know of the correct drill bit so i dont have to buy both and experiment.

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