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New cocopeat/bark product?

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Hey there fellow jedi..... lol


Just wondering if anyone has used either the "Cocopeat"(that's the company's brand name.) "Easyfil" grow bags or the "Cocopeat" mixed cocopeat and bark media? I saw them advertised in the Practical Hydroponics and Greenhouses mag, and thought that what works for tomatoes, seems to work well for good ol mary jane too, so maybe these growbags could be a good way to grow. I've seen some people grow with other media in black plastic bags, like those you usually get rosebushes in, and I thought that this new product may be convienient for the avg. grower.... And if anyone out there has used the mixed peat + bark media, I'd love to hear your experiences with the stuff.


Thanks guys....


peace :rolleyes:

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