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help! seed to weed confusion

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[align=left][/align]http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/contrib/edoom/Smoker.gif whats up, i just started germinating some good seeds, and ive tried before, but have had no success, what can i do to ensure that my plants grow to be healthy and strong, i need your help! pot here is so expensive and i like to smoke with friends often, this is my solution for a little fun with my buds. just a few words of advice would be awesome. thanks all, toke on
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you're welcome herbalweedhead, the best advice I can give you is to read the "Mission Overgrow" forums, there's a lot of information there about how to germinate and get yourself a healthy plant, this let's you get to know a few of our fellow members on the way. Offcourse you will still have questions, as we all come across different obstacles on the way :rolleyes: and there's fortunately enough allways some one with a good answer or solution on the boards.
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g'day; you ask...how can i grow simply?


simply, sow seed in soil or whatever other medium you want to use. at depth of about 10-15mm or 1/2 inch.

simply, water it. if with nutes, read label.

simply, watch it grow.

simple really :rolleyes:

Sounds very similar to the way I do it.



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