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Hey everyone,

can anyone out there help us with this one.I have two large plants going to mush, it started with the bottom leaves going yellow, then dead patches appearing which then advanced to destroying the whole leaves.The leaf itself is soft and leather, with the leaf stem being the last thing to die.This ends with the whole branch becoming soft and and dying.Now i,ve given them the usually treatment of peroxide and "pythoff plus" but with little effect.Can anyone else suggest anything else?

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copper sulphate is a good preventative if used in early stages if u know its gettin hot, fungarid is the best for root rot but is systemic, (only way i know to treat roots) if you r saving a parent plant use, but 4 other purps, best left to the inevidable, zineb is a good protectant (not systemic) that should be used intermittantly to prevent immunity... :P
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