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g'day; dont bonza bud a mother plant, clones wont grow after rooting.(rooting can be very slow also....6weeks)

i believe 'Bonsai' is done by trimming roots, keep roots small then the plant remains small.

do a search for 'bonsai', you will find abundance of info.

you can regenerate after harvest, but you will likely find it easier if you have lights to move to, otherwise you got fat-chance of success outdoor.

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I think the best thing is small pots, wait for your plant to show signs of being rootbound, then hack say 1/3 of the rootball off, and repot in a slightly bigger pot, add new compost and wait for it to get rootbound a bit.

In hydro its much easier (DWC, etc..) just keep the roots at the desired length.

Yoy know your plant won't regen outdoors at this time of year only plants harvested around august can regen outdoors.

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hi all, have an outdoor plant ready to harvest and as I have nothing else to continue with, want to regenerate it and then bonsai it and turn it into a mother. Know how to regen but is bonsai just clipping smaller???

Any ideas welcome.

thanks  :D

I obviously didnt read your post properly, I was refering to an ESTABLISHED cutting or mature plant, NOT a mother plant or clone. Why would you want to bonsai a mother plant anyway ?

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